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My ELA Life

Published on 3rd June 2016  This year, my E.L.A teacher is Ms. Jimenez and my class is Syracuse. When I started reading this year, I felt very happy because I loved E.L.A last year and knew I was gonna have fun this year!

What I feel about reading now is that I feel even more happy because I've developed and transformed into a better reader and understand things better. What is your favorite whole class novel we read this year.My favorite novel this year was definitely “Number the Stars’’ because I was always interested in the Nazis soldiers, Adolf Hitler and how Jews were hidden.

The book was about how this friend named Annmarie helped her Jewish friend Ellen escape the Nazis trying to find all Jews and kill them.But it wasn't only Annmarie that helped, it was all Annmarie's family members.It was my favorite because I love how Annmarie had cared for hiding her friend Ellen and they made sacrifices just for the Rosens. Also how the frightening scenes had made me want to read more. Also the character that i'm most in common with is Annmarie because she helps people and I love helping too!Oh and talk about my independent reading book. It's amazing.So adventurous!That's why I love the book. The title of the book is “Whatever After’’it's a great series,and the amazing author who created this book is Sara Mysowiski. 

I read this amazing book in trimester #3. Also the novel was about this brother and sister named Abby and Jonah have a magic mirror in their basement that takes them to whatever fairy tale they end up in. The genre of this amazing book is fiction. Yet, I think i'm more like Abby because she is eleven and I am too! Her personality is very funny by the way and she loves reading. And more important is that she's boss and is always in charge!This book taught me that some people are facade because people pretend to be something their not.The type of book I would recommend to is a person who loves to read adventure,scary events and fairy tales.

To conclude, I think that this E.L.A awesome year was fantastically fun and can't wait for students should read the books I recommended and I would definitely read books over the summer.