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Tolerance Narrative

Published on 9th June 2016DEAR: DIARY
As I was walking by the blue lockers, in school, I had seen a girl named Alissa, my old friend. She was average height, thin, blond silky long hair and she had big blue eyes. But Something about her wasn't right. It's the way she acted around me, I felt like she was acting pseudo and really didn't want to be my friend. That's when I decided to get other friends, because she was hanging out with the popular group and ignored me. I had passed her but had felt scared. I felt myself shivering as if I was stuck in a freezer.I felt lonely. I stopped walking and opened my blue locker(216). 

I see Alissa and Carmen at the corner of my eye.I felt hatred towards Carmen. I was always envied her elegance, rosy skin color,slim body and her gorgeous pin straight blond hair. She was also very girlish. She had the most popular clothes. I mean seriously, who wouldn't be jealous of that? Carmen had smirked at me and laughed. Deep down I knew something was coming.       
I ran quickly straight to class.I was careful not to drop my diary out of my arm. My first class was gym.The blue door was wide opened. I stepped in the smelly, humid un-conditioned room where I felt disgusted and gagged .It was a huge room with two windows that were wide open.

“Good morning class, today we are going to play a little game called dodge ball.” Mr.Moore said booming like thunder. He had the deepest voice I've ever heard. I looked at Mr.Moore so flustered. I hated that game. I always go to the nurse and finds me with a black and blue bruise. Mr.Moore was my favorite teacher. I felt I could reach out to him, I can tell him everything. He had some grey short shorts. He was thin, but muscular, tall, with short blond hair , big blue eyes and the most hairiest eyebrows I've ever seen.All of a sudden,I felt something hit me on the back of my head.

That's when I noticed that the only person in back of me was Carmen and Alissa. They were glued together, shoulder to shoulder and looking around as if nothing had happened.
I turned around to see what she threw and it was a little crumpled piece of paper.I opened it and it said the following:“You’re such a dork:)’’From Carmen and Alissa(Which was my best friend:)).
I was curious. Why did she say and do that?I was confused and was also sweating like heck when we had finished the game of dodgeball. As we head out of the blue wide door,that's when I see Carmen whisper to Alissa about something. 

I walked closer to them around their lockers to hear what they were talking about. But I didn't make it that obvious.I pretended to walk as if I weren't hearing their conversation. 
 That's when I heard it.

”I mean, just look at her frizzy hair!’’ Alissa said bursted into a huge laughter.

”Ha,ha,ha,ha,ha,ha,ha!’’ They both laugh.

I felt so scared, and sweating just made me feel very constipated. Carman had flames in her eyes looking like I was her prey! My heart was racing like crazy! I thought I was gonna die!But then I thought to myself that this wasn't right. I was being bullied. All this time. Geez, I didn't notice.And that's when I felt confident.OH heck no.She's not gonna treat me like that. If she keeps on with this stupid but hurtful play of hers,then I might even commit suicide.

I stomp my foot, raise my chin up and say, ”You foolish girl.You wont bully me.” My voice boomed. Alissa looked confused. Carmen did as well.They both looked at each other. 
Carmen stepped up to me and said ”You little brat! You don’t scare me! I can bully you all I want. Besides,you're an unpopular stupid little girl and that's why Alissa stopped being your friend!”Carmen said smirking, shaking her head side to side. Her two pale hands on her hips. Her blond pin straight hair smacked her face while talking. 

Alissa tugged her elbow to Carmen in order to get her attention.Tears ran down my cheek and felt vulnerable. I felt defeated! My face felt hot and red like a roasted tomato.
”Let's just go Carmen you’re ….. you’re hurting her.” Alissa looked worried and looked like she cared. I looked at Alissa and gave her a little smile, but then quickly erased my emotion because Alissa still wasn't my friend.
Carmen shaked her head,stared and stared and stared until Alissa yelled’’You know what Carmen! This is my friend you're messing with! If you mess with her, you mess with me!’’ Alissa said confidently raising her chin up, like a Queen would do when directing.

“Alissa,this isn't what we agreed on! Carmen said frustratedly as her light blond eyebrows narrowed like two arrows going down.

“Agreed!?We did not agree on anything like this.Why are you lying.’’ Alissa yelled and stepped forward to Carmen as if they were gonna have a wrestling match. Guys, just forget about it. I said in a calm voice so everybody were to just stop their nonsense and stop fighting.

They both ignored me and kept staring at eachother. I suppose that Alissa was my best friend because she was defending me, so I held her right arm right before she was going to smack Carmen’s hideous pale face with her right hand.Carmen flinched when Alissa tried slapping Carmen and put cringing face as if she ate something sour.

Stop! Please! I begged. All of a sudden I see Alissa grab my left arm and pull me away from the situation.Alissa huffs and puffs while storming off with me. I look at her and she does too.We stop walking right in the middle of the hallway.
“I’m sorry Valerie. It was just now that I noticed that I was bullying you.I’m truly sorry,”Alissa said looking down at her shoes with a frown, in a low soft voice.Her blond silky straight hair was covering her eyes while looking down disappointed. She looked ever like bloody marry without showing her face and her hair was covering everything.But even though I barely heard her because she kept trailing off,I knew she said sorry and that she cared.And I’m lucky I had a best friend by my side:)FIN……...For Now……..