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Trimester #3

Published on 19th June 2017

*Denaijah Pimentel*

Black lives matter is a movement to make people care that race doesn’t describe you and blacks lives DO matter.It has helped African Americans have confidence for being black. Racist people who don’t want black people should stop because black people are humans too so they shouldn’t judge and this is why I think Black Lives Matter is effective because racism is decreasing and it’s built for that purpose.In that case Black lives matter organisation has shown people being supportive,successful,and putting effort for this change to happen.

The Black Lives Matter movement had truly more effort in having more diverse communities acknowledging the black officers and how they made change and helped, “In Kansas city , Missouri which is approximately 30 percent black, black officers make up about 11.5 percent of the police department in an attempt to have more diversity.”As well as “ On the whole, the primary demands of black lives matter has been a moral one as put by both Garza and Lezlie: justice for those killed by police officers and an end to police violence in black communities.”These two details explain The acknowledgment for Officers since they are trying to help the community.

The Black lives Matter movement also was very successful because they have succeeded in improvement with the work the are trying to prove,“the entry into the public consciousness is largely due to rallying cry .’’Also Black lives matter had“ a piece of linguistic jujitsu vague enough to seem inclusive yet charged enough to sow conflict.”These two details truly support the success of this organization they are trying to show which have succeeded in caring for the Black Lives Matter Movement!

To conclude, The black lives matter is appropriate and usefull for the message they are trying to show in their organisation and those messages are being supportive, having effort and succeeding in this change.