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Trimester Two Dominican Republic and Haiti - Racist Policy

Published on 12th February 2016 The Regularization Plan is a law in Dominican Republic that kicks people out their country and violates Human Rights because they are Haitian descent or other certain color .Therefore, The Regularization Plan for Foreigners in Dominican Republic does lead to violation of human rights. 

First of all, the government does not give enough time for people to prove they belong to the country. Article 15 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights states that people have the right to live in a country. For example, in the text The Dominican Republic and Haiti:Shame it states, “Approximately 1,400 people are now in two camps and were forced to leave or voluntary ( due to fear of being killed ) the Dominican Republic since the middle of June.’’ This states how the government is forcing them to leave voluntarily or not to keep them from leaving the Dominican Republic and this is a violation because people have the right to live permanently in a country which here it shows that this is being violated.

In addition ,people don't have basic rights. Article 2 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights states that people are free and without distraction of any race. According to The Dominican Republic and Haiti: Shame it states “People titled as foreigners can stay in the Dominican Republic with the necessary paperwork, but they don't have basic rights such as voting, participation in government,and freedom of movement and the limit to their rights to health.’’ Therefore, people are not being free and to participate in events. This is not acceptable because people do have the rights to do something and it’s being violated.

In conclusion, the Regularization Plan for foreigners in the Dominican Republic is a violation of human rights because it violates how people of any race have the right to live in a country and have the right to be free.